Monday, May 23, 2011

Interior Design- Carrie Bradshaw's apartment pre and post renovation

This post is about Carie Bradshaw's apartment. A place that every Sex and the City ❤ will recognize from both the television show and the movie. It was a place we all came to recognize and ❤ as the setting of many of not only Carrie's but Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda's trials and tribulations.

HOWEVER this post is not only intended for ❤ers of Sex and the City but for all girls with a love of beautiful spaces. Through the television series, and the movie, viewers of Sex and the City are presented with many beautiful things which are beyond the price range of the vast majority of us. However in Carrie's apartment SJP presented us with an affordable oasis. An apartment most of us would love to live in, in a city that everyone would love to live it. It was rent controlled, economically furnished and totally livable. 

Pre Renovation

Welcome to the world of Carrie pre the Sex and the City movie renovation. This is the apartment that viewers of the television show will remember and ❤ in its most accessible and financially viable form.

Post Renovation

Still gorgeous post renovation it's just been upgraded furniture wise but it remains as an excellent example of how you can turn a 'average' apartment into a fabulous living space.